Friday, October 13, 2006

Profile of the District 6 Race

Today's Sun profiles the race for the District 6 seat between Josh Cohen and Rene Swafford. District 6 includes the Annapolis Neck peninsula, including the City of Annapolis, Parole, and some of the communities along General's Highway. Cohen was just elected to his second term as Alderman on the Annapolis City Council, representing Eastport, and has pushed for important legislation putting restraints on growth in the City. Swafford is an attorney whose political inexperience has manifested itself in a number of ways, the latest of which is her failure to respond to the Sun's inquiries. Cohen's good relations with Mayor Moyer present an important opportunity for the County and City to forge a good working relationship for the first time in years (assuming the next Executive can be brought on board). Cohen also supports a Watershed Restoration Fee to help address our multimillion dollar backlog of stormwater projects. Swafford opposes it.



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