Friday, September 29, 2006

Environmental Advocates Storm District 33

Yesterday's Capital introduces the two strong environmental challengers, Scott Hymes and Mike Shay, for the Republican-held seats in District 33. Hymes, a long-time member of the Severn River Association, and appointee to the Severn River Commission, is taking on Senator Janet Greenip, one of the few legislators to vote against the Healthy Air Act, and one of the least effective Senators in the body.

Shay has been instrumental in forging South Arundel Citizens for Responsible Development (SACReD) into one of the most effective anti-development organizations in the County and, in his spare time, helped set up a low-power FM radio station featuring environmental programming in South County. His opponent, Bob Costa, has a stronger record on the environment than Greenip, but hasn't made the environment a priority in his 4 years in office.

This year's election sees a wave of candidates with strong environmental and smart growth credentials taking on incumbents whose priorities are elsewhere. Imagine the impact of electing 4 Councilmembers, a County Executive, 3 Delegates, and 2 State Senators who have a track record of fighting on the right side of environmental battles. We're lucky enough to have the opportunity to do just that on November 7th.



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