Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Preservation Ploy Prevented

Thanks to some close reading by County Council members, a potential loophole that could eventually undermine the preservation of 400 acres in South County will hopefully be averted. Some unscrupulous soul, perhaps the same one who fudged the Smith Farm contract, inserted language into the contract between the County and Mary Kinder that could potentially allow the land, which is intended as an agricultural preserve, to be converted into ballfields or a school. For Councilwoman Vitale, it brought up the spectre of the Smith Farm debacle, in which Janet Owens tried mightily to subvert the intent of the contract between previous County Exec, John Gary, and Elizabeth Gleaves, Andy Smith's widow.

The vote to hold the bill until the questionable language could be dealt with passed with a 6-1 roll call. Good riddance, Mr. Burlison.

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