Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Senator Speedo Considers Pulling a Lieberman

Though Maryland has a "sore loser" law, as was cited in an earlier post, apparently, like so many of our laws, it has a loophole: a candidate who lost a primary can run if appointed by a party central committee to fill a vacancy. Now, John Giannetti, who lost the Democratic Party primary for State Senate District 21 to Jim Rosapepe may run as a Republican. The Republican placeholder, John Stafford, dropped out of the race, and now State Republicans are poised to appoint Gianetti if he will have them.

[UPDATE (9/28/06): Giannetti, in fact, pulls a Lieberman. Let's hope next session the legislature passes a "Giannetti" Amendment closing the gap in the "sore loser" law.]



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