Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Last Meeting of the Sitting Council

Today's Sun covers last night's County Council meeting, the last until the new Councilmembers take office next year. Pam Beidle (D-1) and Barbara Samorajczyk (D-6) are term-limited and seeking seats in the House of Delegates. Bill Burlison (D-4) is, thankfully, retiring. The four Republicans on the Council, Middlebrooks (D-2), Dillon (D-3), Vitale (D-5), and Reilly (D-7), hope to return in 2007.

It's going to be difficult to see Samorajczyk, who has consistently been the most thoughtful and probing Councilmember, and Beidle, who seems to have come in to a comfort zone during the last 4 years, leave the Council, but the hope is that their replacements can approximate their contributions during the next 4.

Resident lightweight on the Council, Middlebrooks had this to say about Samorajczyk's imminent departure, "Barbs is always fun because I never know what she's talking about." We're sure you don't, Ed. We're sure you don't.



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