Thursday, December 01, 2005

Horse Stadium Handouts, Part 1

I was recently sent some information by one of the proponents of the proposed Gambrills horse stadium. The missive contained a press release as well as a handout from Citizens for the Horse Park. The "fact sheet" outlined several alledged benefits of a horse stadium on the site. While reading through, I decided I would examine each of the statements for each of three possible outcomes: Horse Stadium, McMansions, and Organic Farm/Agriculture Incubator. The results for part 1 are below:

StatementHorse StadiumMcMansionsFarm
Guarantee that the farm will remain as open space for the next century.Partially trueFalseCompletely true
Increase community usable open space and assure that the entire community can benefit from this property instead of a select few. TrueFalseTrue
Reduce waste produced at the farm by over 1,300 tons a year!Horses produce waste, but I suspect this means the intention is to nix the farmTrueFalse
Remove waste daily, as opposed to using it a as a fertilizer.Where do they propose to remove it?True, but lots of lawn to fertilizeFalse. Though using composted "waste" is a hallmark of organic farming.
Retain over 800 acres of land as green spaceTrueFalseWould retain around 900 acres as green space
Create proper drainage areas and utilize permeable surfaces for the majority of parking.Perhaps, but I'm somewhat skepticalFalseFarm is a permeable surface
Create jobs on and off site and infuse millions of dollars into the state's economy.Would likely create some jobs, but would cost taxpayers millions.TrueWill create some jobs, but cost taxpayers almost nothing.
Generate millions of dollars in tax revenue for Anne Arundel County and MarylandStill very much in debate.TrueFalse
Keep the Anne Arundel 4-H Dairy Leasing Program in operation and openTrueFalseTrue

More to come tomorrow.



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