Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Annapolis Inn-Sanity

Annapolis, MD - 11/22/05 - In a surprise announcement, coming on the heels of a proposal to turn the King of France Tavern into a Starbucks, the centuries old Maryland Inn has recently announced its sale to the Intercontinental Hotel Group, the parent company of Holiday Inn, Inc.

The new hotel, which will retain much of the distinctive charm of the original building, will include the new owner's trademark green awnings, and an historically accurate, hand-carved, green and yellow wooden sign reading "Maryland Holiday Inn Experience at Ye Olde Annapolis Towne" facing Church Circle.

According to Annapolis' Economic Development Director, Matt Mocha, "It makes sense for the concept they have. We believe that they can bring a breath of fresh air to Annapolis, particularly if they come bearing handfuls of those pre-bedtime mints. Get it?"

"What could be more fitting for a building constructed during the revolutionary war, than to serve as yet another receptacle for corporate America's King George-like desire to insert itself into every aspect of our lives?"

This is, unfortunately, only partially satire. Any resemblance contained herein to individuals living or deceased is purely coincidental.

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