Friday, November 18, 2005

Horse Stadium Update

As you may recall, last month, proponents of putting a horse stadium on top of the organic farm in Gambrills were telling us that a stadium just like it in Kentucky was bringing in around $17 million per year in tax revenues. Turns out the may have been a little off.

A recent trip to Kentucky by three county officials uncovered some interesting information. First, the Kentucky stadium is among countless other horse farms, in the middle of the countryside. Not in the middle of the suburbs. Second, about 20 percent of the 1,200-acre site is paved. And third, not only did it cost $200 million to built, it has to be subsidized to the tune of $1 million a year because it generates $7 million/year while costing $8 million/year to run.

Let's keep the Naval Academy Farm a farm and utilize it as a community asset.

[UPDATE: A helpful reader has pointed me to a grassroots effort to save the farm. Follow this link. Gambrills neighbors organize to fight horse park [The Capital]]



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