Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Capital Clueless on Clean Air

The Capital editorial board predictably punted on the impacts of Governor Ehrlich's Clean Air Rule and the Healthy Air Act, instead ultimately declaring, hands in the air that, "air pollution is a national problem, and won't be solved by anything but federal laws and regulations." This was almost identical to the tactic they pulled last year regarding a bill to improve emissions standards on cars sold in Maryland.

Of course, with the current administration in Washington, we're about as likely to get federal laws and regulations cleaning up the air as we are to see the power companies clean up their act out of a dedication to public health. While, of course, some of the pollution comes from outside Maryland, state and regional accords are what we'll have to settle for until we can get responsible federal governance once again.

Rather than argue for a lowest common denominator style of government, wouldn't it be nice if we could get the Capital editorial board to demand more of those who are asleep at the wheel in DC?



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