Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cleaving Crofton

The saga in Crofton continues as the Crofton Civic Association (CCA) has decided to leave the Greater Crofton Council (GCC), contending that the GCC is working against the interests of the community. Torrey Jacobson, head of the GCC, and seemingly drunk with power responded, "If they weren't only really worried about themselves, if they were really worried about the community, they would have stayed in the GCC ... We make things happen."

Unfortunately, for Crofton, among the things the GCC is trying to make happen are the creation of a landfill and a gravel pit expansion. Is this Crofton, MD or Butte, Montana? Does James Watt hold an honorary seat on the GCC?

Truly, this is ridiculous. Two massively inappropriate proposals supported by Jacobson and the GCC in two years. Looks like the next Council election is at the first meeting of the next calendar year. Why don't the folks in Crofton get a common-sense slate together, who won't sell Crofton to the highest bidder, and clean house?



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