Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Boschert Jumps Into the Mix

In a move that's been anticipated for some time, Delegate David Boschert (R) of Crownsville has officially entered the race for County Executive. With Boschert's entry, the Republican field becomes just a bit more crowded. The other Republicans running for the seat include: Del. John R. Leopold, Phillip D. Bissett, the 2002 party nominee for county executive, Tom Angelis, a Baltimore schoolteacher, and Gregory V. Nourse, an assistant superintendent for Anne Arundel County public schools.

Boschert wants to encourage the private sector to build a 13th county high school (presumably in his current district), which is interesting news given that the Capital just reported that "Schools are bursting at the seams in west county". Perhaps Boschert supports the rubble landfill for school extortion currently transpiring in Crofton. Neither article is clear on that point. What is clear though, is that the legislators "serving" the Crofton area have been asleep at the wheel for the past decade on this issue. Neither the County Council representation, Bill Burlison (7 years), nor the state legislature representation, Boschert (over 15 years), has brought this high school to Crofton. Despite the fact that that area has had a population boom in the past 20 years, and has needed a high school badly for the last 10.

This question goes to Burlison (who is running for US House), Boschert (who is running for Executive), and could easily be asked of Martin O'Malley as well: Why should we give politicians who haven't been able to take care of their constituents at the local level, the chance to fumble their way up the political ladder. Have we become guilty of promoting the Peter Principle among our pols?



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