Monday, October 31, 2005

Reclaiming the Fort

Finally some good news on Fort Smallwood Park. According to the Sun, Baltimore City, which owns the park, and Anne Arundel County, in which the park sits, have reached an agreement where Anne Arundel County will take over control of the blighted 100-acre park. Anne Arundel County will pay no rent for the park, but will foot the bill for the estimated $10 million in clean-up costs.

For decades, the park, which is polluted with both asbestos and lead, has been a community nuisance, hosting drug dealers, poisoned playground equipment, and assorted unsavory activities. Baltimore City, which owns the park, failed to provide patrols for it, as police "usually place[d] a priority on more urgent matters within the city limits."

Congratulations to the individuals around the park who have been lobbying to get it into the County's hands, and congratulations to the City for finally recognizing that it doesn't have the resources to run the park in the proper manner. Let's hope Fort Smallwood becomes another beautiful waterfront park some time soon.



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