Wednesday, December 06, 2006

DC Area Counties Move to Limit Growth, Developers Concerned

Today's Post reports that three DC metro counties: Loudoun and Prince William in Virginia, and Montgomery in Maryland have either recently passed, or are looking to pass significant restrictions on growth. In Loudoun, new building rules will reduce by about half, the numbers of homes that can be built in the rolling piedmont that forms the western section of the County. In Prince William County, the board of supervisors voted through a one-year freeze on most subdivisions because of a lack of transportation funding. The Montgomery County Council president has introduced legislation to impose a moratorium on large developments until the adequacy of current infrastructure facilities can be assessed.

Susan Matlick, director of the Maryland-National Capital Building Industry Association, gets the priceless quote of the week award: "As far as we're concerned, it's just pandering to the electorate." Newsflash to Ms. Matlick, it's called "carrying out the will of the voters." It's nice to see politicians do it every once in a while.

Anne Arundel would do well to learn from these three, particularly the Montgomery County model. In many parts of the County, facilities are simply not adequate to handle the new growth that is allowed.



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