Friday, December 01, 2006

Leopold Doubles Up on Callahan

Executive-elect Leopold has decided to use Dennis Callahan to plug another hole in his administration, appointing him to the position of Chief Administrative Officer. The CAO is second in command to the Executive and oversees the Department of Public Works, the Department of Inspections and Permits, the police and fire departments, the Department of Recreation and Parks and the Department of Aging and Disabilities.

Allowing Callahan to insinuate himself so deeply into his administration is certainly a questionable manuever. Appointing the belligerent Erik Robey, Ron Dillon's legislative aide, as Mr. Callahan's assistant, bodes even worse. Robey has surely been a loyal Republican foot soldier, serving as first vice chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, but his overly aggressive, and deeply conservative demeanor have always seemed at odds with Dillon's more moderate style. It appears to be a bone throne to local Republicans to ensure that the Democrat, Callahan, will be kept it check. If that's the case, there's little to worry about. Callahan stacks up considerably to the Right of Mr. Leopold as it is.

Leopold also promoted Lois Villemaire to acting director of planning and zoning. To me, Ms. Villemaire is an unknown quantity. Any feedback on her planning outlook would be encouraged.

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