Monday, December 04, 2006

Newly Elected Officials Discuss Their Priorities

The Sunday Sun has a piece on the newly elected Executive, Councilmembers, Sheriff and Register of Wills, and their respective priorities. Here's a summary:

  • Executive Leopold - "Revise the county's General Development Plan and strengthen the Adequate Public Facilities law so that the aggregate impact of developments is a consideration, instead of each development individually."
  • Councilman Jones (D1) - "Public safety and education are among his biggest issues, including properly providing services and paying employees. Linking transportation and a variety of services for disabled residents is another priority."
  • Councilman Benoit (D4) - "He wants to be an advocate for the county as it deals with the continued changes at Fort Meade and the growth they are expected to bring. Among his greatest concerns is the physical condition of the public schools."
  • Councilman Cohen (D6) - "He wants to strengthen environmental protections in the construction stages, and bring the county code in line with newer "green" environmental performance standards in the building industries."
  • Sheriff Bateman - "His priorities are dealing with warrants and with personnel."
  • Register of Wills Parker - "She wants to re-link Maryland's estate tax floor (the amount at which the estate tax becomes applicable) with that of the federal government."

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