Friday, November 17, 2006

Leopold Announces Appointments

Yesterday, Executive-Elect John Leopold began announcing the appointees to his cabinet. There are several new appointees, as well as a number who will be carried over from the Owens' administration.

Among the new appointees is Deputy Police Chief James Teare Sr., who will take over for the retiring police chief, Thomas Shanahan. In a move that surprised even the appointee, Leopold chose Annapolis Alderman Wayne Taylor to direct the Department of Aging.

The returning appointees from the Owens' administration run the gamut from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. Leopold wisely chose to re-appoint Ron Bowen, head of the Department of Public Works, and an innovator who was consistently stifled under Owens, and frequently had conflicts with the pro-developer head of Planning and Zoning, Joe Rutter. Unfortunately, Leopold has forged a "pleasant rapport" with former Director of Parks and Recreation, Dennis Callahan, and decided to appoint him his Chief of Staff. Another unfortunate reappointment is John Hammond, Owens' Budget Officer, and willing flak for several of the administration's questionable financial manuevers.

Leopold did wisely decide to pass on Carl Snowden, an aide to Janet Owens who will likely find a place in the O'Malley administration, and whose work on civil rights has often seemed to be dwarfed by his work in self-promotion.

Leopold does still have two important appointments in the Directors for both Planning and Zoning and Inspections and Permitting.

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