Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Republicans Suffer Local Setbacks

With the County Executive race still too close to call (Leopold up by 344 votes) at least a few things are fairly clear:

  • In the District 21 Senate race, Jim Rosapepe handed incumbent Democrat turned Republican John Giannetti a resounding defeat (the Democrats previously held, and swept the 3 House seats).

  • In the District 30 Senate race, John Astle appears to have held his Senate seat, ousting challenger Herb McMillan in what had to be one of the nastiest races in the County. (The House race is still too close to call, though incumbents Mike Busch and Virginia Claggett look safe, and Barbara Samorajczyk leads the closest Republican, Ron George by about 500 votes). If Samorajczyk holds on, the Dems pick up one House seat here (McMillan's).

  • In the District 31 Senate race, Democrat Walt Shandrowsky leads an extremely tight race with Bryan Simonaire (this seat was previously held by Democrat Phil Jimeno). The District 31 House race is a mess, but current leaders are incumber Joan Cadden, and Republican challengers Steve Schuh and Nic Kipke (Republican incumbent Don Dwyer trails Kipke by 500 votes).

  • In the District 32 Senate race, Democrat Ed DeGrange cruised to re-election. The Democrats picked up one seat in the House, with former Councilwoman Pam Beidle knocking off Republican incumbent Terry Gilleland. Dems pick up one House seat.

  • In the District 33 Senate race, Republican incumbent Janet Greenip dispatched challenger Scott Hymes by almost the exact same margin she beat former County Executive, Bobby Neall in 2002. The Republicans will retain all three House seats.

  • Democrats Frank Weathersbee (State's Attorney) and Ron Bateman (Sheriff) appear to have won as well.

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