Thursday, November 09, 2006

District 6 Election Victory Spawns Another Election

As a result of Alderman Josh Cohen's County Council election victory on Tuesday, a special election will take place early next year for the City Council seat he is vacating. The City Code governing the race specifies:

[Mr. Cohen] must first resign the position, giving the mayor five days to announce a special election to fill the vacancy. After the mayor's announcement, candidates can officially file. In the mayor's proclamation, she must specify a date for the special primary and general elections for the roughly 4,500 residents of Ward 8. The primary must be 23 to 30 days following the original proclamation, with the general at least three weeks after the primary.

Which, likely means that the special primary election would occur some time in January, and the special general election would likely take place in early February. Two Democrats, Ross Arnett, President of the Eastport Civic Association and Paul Foer, a motivational speaker and former City Transportation Marketing Specialist, have already expressed interest in the position.

[UPDATE: A third Democrat, Michael Matthews, has thrown her hat in the ring.]



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