Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wrathful Gun Nut Alleges Stalking by Wrathful Gun Nut

Today's Capital reports that Delegate Don Dwyer is claiming someone pointed a gun at him while he was campaigning on a Glen Burnie overpass. According to Dwyer, this is the second time someone has "pulled a gun" on him this month. Dwyer was unable to provide any identifying information about the driver but he identified the gun as a "silver handgun in the windshield of the car."

The whole episode is a bit curious, given the fact that Dwyer, perhaps more than anyone else in the legislature never saw an expansion of gun rights he couldn't co-sponsor, only to have it die in committee. Surely, Dwyer supports the right of drivers to carry loaded firearms on their dashboards, safety's off, and fully loaded?

Nonetheless, so concerned is Dwyer that he has proclaimed he may start wearing the bulletproof vest that he bought 2 years ago. Why he bought the vest in the first place is not elaborated on in the article.

Dwyer's response to the impetus behind the threat, "It's all about the same-sex marriage. This is business as usual."

Could we have a case of the infamous "gay mafia" sending a message in northern Anne Arundel County? Or, perhaps it's just one of Dwyer's jilted gun buddies using a little snub-nosed semaphore. Or, perhaps the 4th least effective Delegate in the House realizes the campaign isn't getting much traction, and figured this coverage was better than no coverage.

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