Monday, June 26, 2006

County Exec Hopefuls Weigh In on the Horse Stadium

A quick breakdown of candidates and their positions on the proposed equestrian stadium in Gambrills:

  • John Leopold (R) - Against the stadium.
  • Dennis Callahan (D) - Against the stadium (It should go in Cecil County).
  • George Johnson (D) - "I really would like to see that we maintain the rural character of the farm and the community."
  • Tom Angelis (R) - "In favor of the concept."
  • Greg Nourse (R) - Is in favor of the site, but it may need to be built at another venue (Crownsville).
  • Phil Bissett (R) - It is too soon to make a good decision.
  • Dave Boschert (R) - Supports a stadium.

    So we have both Democrats and one Republican, in essence, opposed to, and four Republicans either in support of, or potentially in support of using public dollars to subsidize a horse stadium that is going to cause environmental damage and increased traffic and noise to the residents of Gambrills. Remember that at primary time.

    P.S. The first candidate to tell the sand/gravel mine people to come back to reality and recognize they will never, ever touch this property, will receive heavy praise here.

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