Friday, May 12, 2006

Anne Arundel Pols Most in Need of a Primary Challenge

1. Don Dwyer, Delegate (D31, R - Glen Burnie) - It's difficult to put into words all the reasons Dwyer should never see a second term. Suffice it to say, while the Pat Robertson wing of the Republican Party may deserve some representation in the State House, does it have to be from Anne Arundel County?

2. Janet Greenip, Senator (D33, R - Crofton) - She was in over her head as a Delegate and she's been in even deeper as a Senator. Let's get a Senator for District 33 who can keep her campaign promises and earn the respect of the rest of the County Delegation.

3. John Astle, Senator (D30, D - Annapolis) - Whether it's his "great, white hunter" routine, where he sends photos to the Capital, foot astride some prostrate gazelle or musk ox, or his tendency to vote with the Republicans when it matters most, here's one seat the Democrats may want to try to take back.

4. Ed Middlebrooks, County Council (D2, R - Glen Burnie) - If this guy put as much time into working in the best interests of his constituents as he does cracking one-liners at the County Council meetings, District 2 residents might get a Bill Burlison level of public service out of him, which, frighteningly, would be a considerable improvement.

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