Saturday, January 21, 2006

Owens Fails to Get the Message

Despite just barely getting re-elected County Executive against a fairly weak candidate in 2002, Janet Owens thinks she's got the stuff to represent the County in DC. Given her work to satisfy the defense/intelligence industry developers who have big plans to turn west county into a sprawling metropolis, she very likely has some high-level federal connections with deep pockets.

Problem, for her, is, the race for the District 3 House of Representatives seat already has 7 other Democrats trying to replace Ben Cardin. Several of them have far fewer negatives than the Queen.

How's this for prognostication? Janet decides to run as a Republican for the seat (no Republicans have entered the race), and throws the lion's share of her $200,000+ warchest (which can't be spent on a federal race) to her loyal waterboy, Dennis Callahan, who has his eyes, it is said, on the County Executive race in 2006.

Callahan could reliably be counted on to continue Owens' mission of selling the county to the highest bidder. Just imagine the pipeline that could be uncorked from K Street to Calvert Street if this unfortunate set of bids somehow got traction.



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