Friday, January 13, 2006

Anne Arundel Assembly Members on Fair Share Healthcare

By the numbers:

Voted to Override

John A. Giannetti Jr., D-Prince George's (District includes parts of Anne Arundel)
Michael E. Busch, D-Anne Arundel
Virginia P. Clagett, D-Anne Arundel
Barbara Frush, D-Prince George's
Mary Ann Love, D-Anne Arundel
Pauline H. Menes, D-Prince George's
Brian R. Moe, D-Prince George's

Voted to Sustain Veto

John C. Astle, D-Anne Arundel
James E. DeGrange Sr., D-Anne Arundel
Janet Greenip, R-Anne Arundel
Philip C. Jimeno, D-Anne Arundel
Joan Cadden, D-Anne Arundel
Robert A. Costa, R-Anne Arundel
Donald H. Dwyer Jr., R-Anne Arundel
Terry R. Gilleland Jr., R-Anne Arundel
John R. Leopold, R-Anne Arundel
Tony McConkey, R-Anne Arundel
Herbert H. McMillan, R-Anne Arundel
Theodore J. Sophocleus, D-Anne Arundel



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