Monday, January 16, 2006

Auctioning Off the Future

The Sunday Capital had a three article set on the shenanigans going on in west county these days. Much of it has been discussed here before, some of it hasn't. All of it should have Croftonians who are paying attention up in arms. Anyone figure out when that Greater Crofton Council Election is? [UPDATE: The GCC election took place last week, and the current slate ran unopposed]

Developers buying community support in west county - Even Janet Owens is "concerned about very few individuals [read: Torrey Jacobson] representing their services as the voice of the entire community, privately negotiating with developers." Of course, her objection may just be that the community is extracting any concession at all from developers.

Deals with community part of cost of doing business - The laundry list.

Why west county is fertile ground for deal-making - Because developers can make money off it, obviously.

All in all, nice reporting by the Capital though.



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