Monday, December 26, 2005

Supporting Our Students

I was recently passed along a note from a reader, Jennifer Reed, who is organizing what promises to be a very special event. Ms. Reed, who doesn't have school-aged children of her own, is organizing an "Annapolis Cheers" event to welcome the 500+ students at Annapolis Middle School back for the new year. Why is she doing this? To show the kids that adults in the community support them, want them to succeed, and care about the hard work they do in school.

I really like the idea, and I like the fact that people in the community are thinking creatively about ways that we can encourage our school kids to perform better, rather than just lamenting or fearing them.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday, January 3 from 7:40am-8:05am at Annapolis Middle (off of Forest Drive). Attendees are asked to park at the Clock Tower Plaza, across the street and cross at the light. Organizers hope to have at least 100 adults not connected with the school attend (though parents of students are encouraged as well).

For more information, email Ms. Reed at or call 410-279-6688. If you'd like to organize something similar in your community, drop me a line.



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