Thursday, December 22, 2005

Governor Wilts on Greenhouse Gases

Staying true to his anti-science base, but letting the rest of us down, Governor Bobby has decided against joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a pact between seven east coast states (Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and Vermont) to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Apparently sea level rise, global climate change, and its accompanying impacts are only the concern of the "fringe left" in the Governor's parlance.

Maryland, along with Pennsylvania and DC will be "observers" in the process (as will, presumably anyone who pays attention to the effects of the pact). Ehrlich, DC Mayor Anthony Williams, and Governor Rendell of PA amply demonstrate the free rider problem, doing nothing themselves, while hoping to benefit from the actions of others.

The good news is that several local cities, including Annapolis, Alexandria, and Philadelphia have joined the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, and will be taking steps to reduce their carbon emissions, even if their governors have chosen to shirk their responsibility on the matter.

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