Friday, December 23, 2005

Sailing to the Hall

I can't believe I never thought of it. I've had some harsh words for Governor Ehrlich on a number of issues in the past, but the Guv definitely deserves credit on the Sailing Hall of Fame idea. It's a no-brainer. Annapolis is, depending on whom you ask, "the sailing capital of the country" or "the sailing capital of the world." There's no question it's one of the top sailing cities in the US, and that much of the city's commerce has in the past, and to an extent still does, revolve around the maritime industries.

Establishing the Hall in Annapolis really has almost no downside. It's going to attract even more tourist dollars to the area, it will celebrate one of Annapolis' most recognizable assets, and it will hopefully help make sailing, one of the truly great activities to enjoy on the Bay, more accessible to folks who think it's only for the Ralph Lauren set.

Currently, Hall backers have their sites on the DNR building at the end of City Dock, next to Phillips and behind the Naval Academy gym. I suspect the location will have beautiful views of the Bay and Severn River, and vistas of sails as far as the eye can see.



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