Friday, October 07, 2005

The Courage to Make Promises You Can't Possibly Keep

Well, yesterday I was able to make an appearance at Sheriff Johnson's whistle stop tour through the County. The Sheriff was nicely coiffed, and certainly by Anne Arundel County standards, polished and well-spoken. He announced the official kick-off of his campaign for County Executive, and proceeded to regale the crowd with all sorts of inarguably desirable outcomes for the County, and by my unofficial count, 237 instances of the "courage" it would take from him and County residents to get there. Smaller class sizes (each under 30 students), cutting the fat from government, lower taxes, more green space preserved, and affordable housing. The only thing missing was a chicken and sizable tax rebate in each pot.

Lest I be accused of going too hard on the Sheriff, let me reject that charge. Each and every one of us needs to scrutinize the words and intentions of these pols running for Executive, or we'll be saddled with another inept "friendly face" presiding over the destruction our precious County for 4 more years. If you're sick of platitudes and promises, demand more.

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