Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More Water, Water...

Twice in recent weeks I've been presented with interesting, new developments on the bottled water front. If the tap is turning you off, or your well is getting you down, use your purchasing power for social good. First, I came across Biota Spring Water. Unremarkable for its taste (as most good water is), Biota appears finally to have cracked the nut that has plagued environmentally-minded folks since the beginning of bottled water: They've designed a compostable bottle. That's right, the bottle, which looks like any other clear, plastic bottle, is actually made of cornstarch, and can break down in a commercial composting situation in about 12 weeks.

Even Governor Bobby is getting in on the act. On September 27th, he announced a public-private partnership between the Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) and the State of Maryland. The Chesapeake Bay Recovery Partnership (CBRP) will, as its first fundraiser, begin selling Maryland Natural Spring Water, from the award-winning Brick House Spring in Ellicott City. Funds raised through the effort are slated to be used to help boost large-scale Bay restoration efforts.

Perhaps someday soon we'll be able to get Maryland spring water in compostable bottles, and have the proceeds go to saving the Bay!



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