Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Stepping Up to Stop Stormwater

Last Thursday, several local legislators were taken on a tour of sites that had been badly damaged by stormwater runoff and some that had been recently remediated. The tour was lead by citizens trying to build support for a watershed restoration fund (aka, a stormwater utility), and making an attempt to educate county council members about the extent of the problem.

Councilwomen Beidle (D-Linthicum) and Samorajczyk (D-Annapolis) are the only two solidly behind the implementation of the fund, which would cost homeowners about $60/year, while Councilmen Reilly (R-Crofton/South County) and Dillon (R-Pasadena) seem to have the good sense to recognize there is a serious problem, but lack the leadership ability to get firmly behind the fee. Councilmembers Vitale (R-Severna Park), Burlison (D-Crofton), and Middlebrooks (R-Glen Burnie) apparently think the problem will take care of itself, or simply don't care.

Even if Reilly and Dillon could be brought on board, our fearless leader, Executive Owens, has threatened to veto the bill, because she thinks it would be "unfair to saddle the next administration with the fee." How thoughtful. I wonder if such doubt crossed Bob Ehrlich's mind when he signed the "flush fee" bill.



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