Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Penguin Politics

The November elections led to the defeat of two sitting Circuit Court Judges in Anne Arundel County, and may lead to a change in the way judges are selected in the future. The defeat of David Bruce and Rodney Warren, both appointed by Democratic governors, by Paul Goetzke and Paul Harris (nominally "independents", but both Republicans), has led some, including Senator John A. Giannetti Jr. (D-Laurel), to support an amendment to the State Constitution to dispose of the system in which the governor appoints a judge, who then stands for election to a 15-year term. Senator Giannetti offered, "What it reflects is there's an understanding that the way we elect our judges is wrong."

Curious that the Senator (and others) should get religion on this issue after things have turned out the way they have. It's tremendously difficult not to see this as a case of sour grapes, and it certainly shouldn't be used as an excuse to tinker with the State Constitution to further create systemic barriers to change.



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