Friday, January 28, 2005

Politician, Heal Thyself

In yesterday's State of the State Speech, Governor Robert Ehrlich decried "assassin politics" which he says has damaged state government. According to the Washington Post, Ehrlich spent the first several minutes of his speech talking about respect for the Governor, and the fact that he stands against "divisive" behavior. Nice sentiments, all, but unfortunately contravened by fact.

In fact, Ehrlich's own Maryland Republican Party, less than a month ago, was running $25,000 worth of hit pieces on the radio attacking Anne Arundel Senators Philip C. Jimeno (D-Pasadena), John C. Astle (D-Annapolis), and James E. DeGrange Sr. (D-Glen Burnie) for not capitulating on the Governor's plan to cap medical malpractice and oppose caps on college tuition (DeGrange actually agreed with the Gov. on tuition). Why did these legislators get special attention? Because the state Republicans think they happen to be vulnerable in 2006. Politics as usual. I'd like to request, kindly, that the Governor spend a little more time getting his own house in order, before he tries to restore order to our House.



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