Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Fill 'Er Up. On second thought...

Today's Capital reports that State legislators are trying to pass a bill that will help protect local water supplies against contamination by the gasoline additive MTBE. Around the State, gas stations which install new tanks, and that rely on well water, will have to install extra sensors, monitoring devices and drainage pipes to control MTBE. In a twist, however, stations with existing tanks in Anne Arundel County will not have to install monitors. Why is Anne Arundel off the hook, while existing operators in Baltimore, Carroll, Cecil, Frederick and Harford counties will have to comply? Apparently, because of our County's unique geology.

What to do if your well is contaminated in Anne Arundel? According to the oil control program administrator for the Maryland Department of Environment, dig a new one, deeper. And if that doesn't bring you peace of mind, sleep tight knowing guys like the president of the Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors are lobbying the have the existing rules concentrated farther north, presumably so his company won't be forced to comply. Salud!

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