Sunday, January 16, 2005


In an effort to get a little more high profile, unsuccessful Republican challenger to the Janet Owens' throne, Phil Bissett got himself an appointment to head up the State’s commuter and train system, MARC. Bissett, who lost to Owens by several thousand votes in 2002, is gearing up for 2006, bringing Diane Rey, of We Hold Officials Accountable (WHOA), on board as a campaign manager, and raising serious funds.

He’s got considerable work ahead of him, even with the Gov on his side. Republican opponent John Leopold is arguably the best campaigner in Anne Arundel County, and has begun to accrue a substantial war chest.

Thus far, the Democratic offerings for the position appear uninspired. Sheriff George Johnson, who was re-paid handsomely for his loyalty to Owens after agreeing not to run against her in 2002 (Owens appears to have thrown in with County Parks & Rec hatchet-man, Dennis “Ballfields” Callahan), will likely be opposed by Republicrat Callahan. [Callahan being one of several confused Anne Arundel politicians (see Middlebrooks, Ed; Evans, Diane; and Neal, Bobby) who don’t know whether they are a Democrat or a Republican].

Let’s hope, for the sake of the County, a dark-horse steps forward to offer us something different that than the standard sprawl and stale “solutions” that we’ve endured for the past several decades in Anne Arundel.

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