Thursday, December 11, 2003

Arresting Runoff

As an article in today's Baltimore Sun mentions, the freshly completed Southern District Police Station incorporates, among its other features a green, living roof. This type of roof most often consists of several inches of soil planted with sedum over a rubber membrane, helps absorb storm water1, increase energy efficiency2, and prolong the life of the subroof3. Several local businesses have added living roofs, including Washington Brick and Terra Cotta, and the City of Annapolis has discussed pursuing living roof projects as well.

Not mentioned in the piece, but also included at the Station are extensive rain garden plantings to help absorb and treat stormwater runoff. The County should be commended for leading the way in taking steps to protect our waterways and the Bay from stormwater runoff, and for using its construction sites as demonstration projects for innovative environmental practices. Let's keep the pressure on them to keep it up.

Bonus: An article on green roofs in Baltimore [pdf]

1 "a "green" roof can absorb up to 70% of stormwater"
2 The green roof system significantly outperformed the reference roof system in spring and summer with regard to energy efficiency.
3 "There are many anticipated pluses to a green roof, .... But if nothing else, it will extend the life of the roof two times."



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