Thursday, February 07, 2008

County Buckles on Church Case

Pieces in the Sun and Capital re-count how, apparently, Riverdale Baptist Church, put Anne Arundel County over a barrel regarding the development of their mega-church in Lothian. The deal, struck between the County attorney and the Church, would require:

• The County Council must remove zoning rules such as those that block the building of a private school with fewer than 125 parking spaces on a scenic or historic road.

• Approval of building and grading permits for a two-story classroom that doesn't exceed 40,000 square feet; an entrance road from Wrighton Road; and two private fields.

• Approval by the county Health Department of septic and storm-water management facilities for the church and the school buildings.

• Permission to subdivide the tract to create three residential lots.

Sounds to me like the County is giving up the farm on this one.



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