Sunday, December 23, 2007

Annapolis Blogs

It's been almost 4 years since Blog Arundel began, and in that time, some pretty impressive blogs have popped up in the area. The City of Annapolis, in particular, is well represented. Here are some of the prominent (and prolific) blogs focused on life in the City:

  • Annapolis Capital Punishment - Written by former Democratic candidate for Ward 8 Alderman, Paul Foer, this blog takes aim at Republicans and Democrats alike, with particular focus on the sitting Mayor.
  • Annapolis Politics - Although written by Brian Gill, a local Republican activist, and possessing a consistently conservative bent, Brian's blog is a wealth of information on current events in the City. Let's hope he can keep it up after he moves out in January 2008.
  • I Live on Clay Street - Written by local community activist Timm Kostenko (aka Timmy Grins), this blog provides illuminating insights into a poorly understood neighborhood. Timm has taken on the bold charge of trying to clean up Clay Street and we wish him all the luck.
  • Talk of Annapolis - Written by local Republican (former Democratic) activist, Scott Bowling. The newest of the Annapolis blogs, it's a solid supplement to the rest.



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