Thursday, June 28, 2007

County Helps Conserve Crownsville

This week, the County Council voted to turn over 192 surplus lots in Herald Harbor, comprising about 10 acres of floodplain, steep slopes, and sensitive area, to the Crownsville Conservancy.

The action represents a huge success for the community and the Conservancy, as "enterprising"/unscrupulous developers have made a cottage industry out of finding "unbuildable" lots throughout the county, hiring a good land use attorney, and denuding/filling/grading some of the most sensitive lands in our watersheds. Because the sellers are often under the impression that these lots can't be built on, developers can flip these lots for pennies on the dollar (minus the legal fees to steamroll the Board of Appeals).

Other communities would do well to find out if their infill lots are on the County's surplus list and work to have them placed in permanent conservation as well.



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