Sunday, June 03, 2007

How About that Ethics Code?

A number of recent cases merit a review of the County's Ethics Code.

Article 7, Title 5 focuses on "conflicts of interest." Of particular interest is the subsection below:

§ 7-5-105. Representation by former employees.

(a) Generally. A former employee may not assist or represent a party other than the County in a case, contract, or other specific matter for compensation if the matter involves the County and:

(1) the former employee participated significantly in the matter as an employee; or

(2) the former employee had information not generally available to the public when the former employee undertook the assistance or representation.

(b) Waiver. On application, the Ethics Commission may waive the prohibition of this section if it determines that the County's interests will not be adversely affected by the assistance or representation and may attach to the waiver any conditions that it determines are in the County's best interest.

(1985 Code, Art. 9, § 5-105) (Bill No. 38-03)

State Code reference – State Government Article, § 15-504(d).



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