Sunday, April 22, 2007

Public Housing Board Anticipates Vacancies

Come July, Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer will have the opportunity to appoint three new members to the seven-member Housing Authority Board which administers the public housing properties in Annapolis.

Given the Mayor's ongoing tussle with outgoing Authority Chair, Trudy McFall, over addressing crime in the public housing communities, there is speculation that Moyer make seek more compliant appointees.

Apparently, acknowledging the crime in public housing, and asserting that its presence has anything to do with a lack of effort on the part of the City constitutes a "political" assault. According to the Mayor, "There are members of the board that continue to blame the city. Any new rap that a couple of people want to put on the city for political reasons doesn't serve anybody."

Speculation is, McFall may throw her hat into the ring for Mayor in 2009. Other potential candidates include Alderman Sam Shropshire, Democratic Central Committee member, Chuck Weikel, Alderman Mike Christman, and former Delegate Herb McMillan.

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