Friday, March 30, 2007

Leopold Fires a Shot Across the Bow

With his latest critical area violation lawsuit, John Leopold has made it clear that there are no fish too big to be caught in his environmental enforcement net. The County is suing Herrington Harbour, one of the largest marinas in the area, for illegally constructing a wedding chapel, a rooming house, sheds and walking trails constructed without permits.

Steuart Chaney, president of Herrington Harbour, is extremely well-connected, politically speaking, as evidenced by the fact that Senate President Mike Miller (D) felt comfortable shamelessly flakking for him: "People get charged with anything these days. I just know that he's a decent, honest, hardworking man, and a good family person who in my opinion is a law-abiding citizen."

Nonetheless, the County Executive seems to be pursuing a hard line: "There will be no sacred cows at the trough. Everyone will receive this message that this administration will maintain an even playing field."

The County is seeking to tear down the illegal structures and restore the impacted shoreline.

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