Friday, August 18, 2006

And So It Begins

According to today's Sun, an Annapolis developer is planning 1,600 homes for an undeveloped 300-acre tract that abuts the Patuxent Research Refuge. John Stamato, owner of Ribera Development, wants to put a mixed use, commercial and residential project, on the land, which is currently zoned industrial. Stamato offered, "What we are anxious to do is sit down with residents and do a good project that meets the needs [of] BRAC and provide a town center."

Isn't the ill-conceived "Odenton Town Center" supposed to be the regional town center in the area? Is this the new meme that we can expect developers to trot out, that every new development with housing, a Jiffy Lube, and Wendy's is a "Town Center?"

Good aspects of the proposed plan? Apparently 10 percent of the homes would be set aside as affordable, "workforce housing." Of course, if our County Council and Executive had any will to face up to their development puppetmasters, such requirements would have been the law of the land years ago.

Interestingly, it looks like the Executive has decided to put this one on the plate of the next in line. "I would recommend not introducing any project or any massive change in zoning at this time," said Owens. Of course not. It would indeed be hard to fend off the "Queen of Sprawl" accusations from opponents for the Comptroller seat with 1,600 additional homes under one's belt.

Gem of the day: "Stamato is being assisted by Bob DiPietro, Owens' former chief of staff who is serving as the spokesman for her state comptroller campaign."

Where is Ribera/Stamato spreading money around?

George Johnson (Candidate - County Exec) $500
David Boschert (Candidate - County Exec) $1000
Pam Beidle (District 1) $500
Ed Middlebrooks (District 2) $400
Ron Dillon (District 3) $1500
James Benoit (Candidate - District 4) $500
Cathy Vitale (District 5) $500

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