Thursday, August 17, 2006

Show Me the Money

The Capital and Sun both have articles on the latest fundraising reports filed by the County Executive candidates, but if you want to have some real fun, take a look for yourself at the Maryland Voter Information Clearinghouse, run by UMBC (with data filed from the State Board of Elections). See who has got his or her hooks into your favorite candidate for County Council, or which Senate candidate has the broadest base of support. I think you'll be surprised at how the same names come up over and over again.

The money on hand for each of the Exec. candidates is below:

George Johnson - $514,300
John Leopold - $412,000 (he has lent himself $200,000)
David Boschert - $302,000 (he has lent himself $240,000)
Dennis Callahan - $25,474
Tom Angelis - $15,977
Greg Nourse - $8,000
Phil Bissett - $15,951

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