Wednesday, March 08, 2006

911 Disconnect?

An astute reader recently turned me on to a disturbing series of events. Yvette Beakes, a Glen Burnie resident, was abducted and murdered in 2001. A witness to the abduction called 911, but miscommunication by the County call center resulted in the information never making its way to police. The County's defense? "As harsh as it may be, the Constitution simply doesn't impose on government a duty to provide any sort of minimal service to its citizens," offered Assistant County Attorney Andrew J. Murray. That's right, according to the County, a police officer witnessing a crime in progress has no obligation to assist a victim unless s/he has actually agreed to help.

Faced with the County's preposterous defense, the judge hearing the case put it best, "I don't want to go to Anne Arundel County anymore. I'm afraid to go to Anne Arundel County." Does the Administration think this ridiculous legal strategy is good for the morale of our men and women in blue, or the sense of security of our citizenry?



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