Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Tale of Annapolis Middle School

Recently, the Post did a piece on Annapolis Middle School, an institution so underutilized that it's currently at about 1/3 capacity. The article talks about possibly bringing a college-preparatory program offered by International Baccalaureate to the school in an effort to attract the children of affluent Annapolitans, who can now most often be found at St. Mary's, Key, Severn, Spalding, Annapolis Area Christian, or some other private college-prep school.

There's another opportunity to Cheer students at Annapolis Middle on March 15th. Join Head Cheerleader Jennifer Reed and other supportive Annapolitans in cheering on students as they head into the first of 4 days of Maryland State Assessment testing. The event begins at 7:30am, and will last until 8:05. For more information, contact Jennifer at 410-279-6688.

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