Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Trying to Give Septics a Free Ride

In 2004, the Governor and House of Delegates passed the landmark "flush fee," requiring homeowners across the state to pay $30/year into a fund to upgrade wastewater treatment facilities and provide grants to replace failing septic systems and help farmers plant cover crops. Now, a group of Senators and Delegates wants to scrap the portion of the bill that requires septic system owners to pay into the fund. There's apparently such a clamoring for this change, that the supporters of the bill couldn't find anyone to come out and testify on its behalf during the hearing before the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee.

The anti-environmental bill is being backed locally by the usual suspects: Sen. Janet Greenip, R-Crofton; Del. Don Dwyer Jr., R-Glen Burnie, Del. John R. Leopold, R-Pasadena; and Del. Tony McConkey, R-Severna Park. If you are "represented" by any of these folks, please put a call in to their office and tell them how displeased you are with their attack on $12 million to help families replace failing septic systems and farmers plant crops that help to absorb nutrients from their fields.

The Governor deserves credit for shepherding a bill that goes a long way towards addressing the nutrient problems affecting the Bay. He should get his minions on board and ask them to drop their feckless tilting at toilets.



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