Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Re-Capping the Capital

Yesterday's Capital was chock full of all sorts of local interest pieces.

Judging from "Horse park could generate $100 million yearly, 1,600 jobs" the Capital is now reprinting, in full, press releases from the Maryland Stadium Authority. I was a bit surprised to see that Alison Asti wasn't given a by-line. The article enumerates, in some detail, all of the glorious benefits that we might see if Gambrills were to get a horse stadium.

"Annapolis Neck Road residents demand annexation" tells the story of an Annapolis community that has, somehow, seen the surrounding prosperity pass it by. Now, its residents want annexation, and the development dollars they have been assured will come with it. The city seems more than willing to oblige. I thought the general theme of the 2005 Annapolis election was "Let's put the breaks on annexation and development," but I could be mistaken.

A precious piece on Executive Owens' frustration with the head of the Greater
Crofton Council, Torrey Jacobsen, "Owens chides Crofton's dealmaking with developers", informs us that Owens may be a bit nervous someone is cutting in on her territory, negotiating away the county for trinkets and baubles.

Finally, "Gondolas the solution to city's traffic congestion?" tells the story of a couple so desperate to negotiate an Annapolis without traffic, they're behind the idea of bringing ski lifts to the city. When was the last time anyone used Annapolis transit? I will concede though, fur-bedecked yuppies riding through the sky, looking down at the people who make the city go, huddled in our ClearChannel-funded bus stops does offer a frighteningly authentic picture of Annapolis in the 21st century.

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