Monday, February 13, 2006

An Accumulation of 8 to 10 inches of Good News

Some good news on the legal front. The Department of Justice and the Maryland Office of the Attorney General are taking the Costellos, the couple who brazenly filled in a 1/4 acre of the Bay, to court.

Local Delegate, Virginia Clagett (D - 30), has introduced a bill to prevent the commercial harvest of diamondback terrapins, the State reptile. This may upset connoisseurs of terrapin soup and the 5 to 9 watermen who harvest the terrapins each year. Too bad. If we're going to save the Bay, and its inhabitants, we need to get serious. I'd like to see a similar bill for crabs and oysters, and a resolution condemning the fact that Virginia is allowing the menhaden fishery to be decimated, once again threatening the striped bass.

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