Thursday, December 08, 2005

Your Chance to Buy the Queen

Not content to have her stashed away in an attic for eternity, the feisty group of south county activists known as SACRED (South Arundel Citizens for Responsible Development) has put their masterful Janet Owens puppet on the auction block.

Unsurprisingly, the Queen was not amused. "I find it appalling and disgusting," offered the maddened monarch. If only she felt so passionately about the defiling of our wonderful Anne Arundel at the hands of her developer cronies, perhaps folks wouldn't have to resort to such hilarious means to halt her machinations.

The puppet was the centerpiece of the effort to keep an oversized Safeway out of Deale and hounded Owens across the county in 2000. One surely has to think she had the papier mache and foam rubber figure in her mind when she pressed to pave Franklin Point Park. However, it appears that the efforts of local citizens and the Critical Area Commission were enough to stall that ill-conceived idea.

Though only a year left in her reign, there are surely plenty more engagements left to be had with the Queen. Perhaps some savvy activists in Crofton, Odenton, Annapolis, or elsewhere, could pick her up and put her likeness to good use.

Go place your bid at the online auction site.

An effigy of our Empress



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