Friday, February 18, 2005

Our Favorite Places

An article in yesterday's Capital on the Back Creek Nature Park restoration in Annapolis made me think about how all of us likely have our own little hideaways in Anne Arundel County where we like to go, soak in nature, and reflect upon our lives and the world around us. Certainly, parks like Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge, Downs Park, and Quiet Waters Park are all great getaways. I am thinking of something a bit more off the beaten path, however.

In Annapolis, wandering the streets and alleys, and peering into secret gardens, nestled between homes is one of the most serene experiences in the spring time. In summer, spending time on the Bay, sailing or kayaking, absorbing the sun and watching the seabirds is the essence of Chesapeake country. In the autumn, finding a dense forest to explore, and getting lost in among the beech and tulip populars at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center can renew a child-like fascination in the world. The shortened days of winter present a good time watch the songbirds, observe the wonderful forms of deciduous trees gone naked, and begin drafting an outdoor itinerary for the year.

I would like to invite readers to submit their favorite secret places in the County (and its waters), to be sampled in an upcoming column. You can submit them to

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